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Corporate Library

Maktaba is a system supporting the operation of your corporate library. Thanks Maktaba your employees can browse and borrow books available, evaluate them, write reviews, and place their books in the library.

Do not yet have a corporate library? It's time to catch up and begin to build a culture of your organization!


Basic functionality of Maktaba

Browse and borrow books

All members of your community can view your corporate database and borrow selected books.

Sharing books

If one of the employees have the book you would like to put in a library, you may do so by Maktaba.


If anyone actually reads the book you want to borrow, you can set up in the queue so that you are sure that you will be the next person to read the book.

Ratings & Reviews

After reading the book you can evaluate both its wear and tear as well as to write a review of content. This information will help the next Lender to make a choice.

Book History

Each loan is recorded in history. You can see the who, when and how long to read the book.

Awards and experience

Maktaba grants its users symbolic rewards in the form of experience points, successive levels and badges. Fight for further awards its activity in Maktaba!


Maktaba runs in your browser, so y,ou do not need to install anything. Just sign in and use the Maktaba. Work on the mobile version Maktaba, which first will be available for mobile iOS and Android.



Maktaba is part of an open communication platform for users Erudion and Erudion is free. Unfortunately Maktaba is not available separately, where lack of registration of a new community.

If your company is not yet in Erudion - please


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